costruzioni industriali
costruzioni industriali
impianti fotovoltaici


RCM S.r.l. began as a Metal Repair and Construction company linked to the rural landscape of Cuneo. Founded in 1962 by Chiaffredo Alladio.

The first steps taken in the industrial construction and zootechnical construction sector have given us the technical knowledge to identify effective and efficient solutions, able to respond to every need. Over the last ten years, RCM has developed its skills also in the construction of photovoltaic systems. Currently, RCM has over 10,000 square metres of factory resources for steel processing construction and an internal engineering division equipped with the best BIM and FEM software on the market. We have cutting-edge tools, vehicles and equipment which allow us to supply turnkey products.

From design to production and installation, we handle industrial constructions, structural carpentry, zootechnical facilities, photovoltaic systems and design BIM.